Philips PCVC 820K Toucam II USB webcam on SuSE Linux 9.0

It works.

It is necessary to obtain and compile the decompresser module (driver) and to arrange for this to be loaded before the actual camera driver and unloaded before the camera driver module is unloaded.

The actual chip is an ov518. The driver for this is the ov511. This is supplied with SuSE 9.0 but the decompressor module is not, therefore if one is compiling the decompresser (ov518_decomp.o ? the older decompressor for the 511 chip will not do) one may as well compile both.

For 20 this is a pretty good little gadget.

I have a previous Toucam Pro, the next model up in the last generation, and that makes better pictures, presumably th ecurrent Toucam II Pro which is twice as expensive would also be better. For the purpose of running GnomeMeeting to talk to a daughter at university and for her to make pictures if she wants, it is adequate.

At this price Vannevar Bush's expectation that as we see something of interest we take an image of it is within reach.

Download Driver
Other Philips Webcam Drivers and much useful information.

2004 Adrian Midgley