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Primary Care in the NHS is drowning in a sea of paperwork.
picture of a tree New Labour made an election pledge to reduce it
Alan Milburn MP was the Minister with responsibility for NHS Bureacracy, hopefully it gave him a few ideas for being Secretary of State
There has been a very welcome and encouraging increase in the use of modern methods of distribution of information, with the key White and Green papers first becoming available via the Web to those of us with a need to know early on what is in them. Still some way to go, but good work. Unfortunately locally this is faltering as unreliable systems have been adopted against widespread advice.

Meanwhile the cabinet office has established another working party of whom we may hope for much, albeit on a time-frame that regards two years as "quick for the NHS"
Cabinet Office PR

Report outstandingly useless bits of NHS paper to

Dr Roy Sharma. Member - Patients not Paper Working Party

Chairman - Patients not Paper Working Party

The quantity of paper landing on GPs' desks




New - Guidelines

A rule for Forms


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And if nothing seems to be happening contact the Implementation Action Manager
         Peter Garland
         Room 4N22                  Voice:  0113 254 5295
         NHS Executive
         Quarry House               Fax:    0113 254 5188
         Quarry Hill
         Leeds LS2 7UE
         Colin Pearson
         NHS Executive
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         Quarry Hill
         Leeds LS2 7UE


"Give me today a report on one half of one sheet of paper". W Churchill 1944

"Send me a short e-mail". A Midgley 1997

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