I am involved with the UK IMIA Open Source Working Group, part of CHIRAD. Our programme includes the thinktank at Marwell in February 2004 and meetings at Harrogate and at MedInfo later in the year.

I joined the organisers and attended the 2003 OSHCA meeting in Geneva which was a smaller working meeting than the previous two.

I am one of the founder members of OSHCA, the Open Source Healthcare Alliance. Organising committees for the second OSHCA international meeting in London in Sept 2001 where the NHS interest in open source software development and its use was given a focus, and for the third conference in LA in November 2002. OSHCA 3 at UCLA
 and fourth conference in Geneva   in December 2004.

I am involved in various activity and work related to Open Source in healthcare. Contact me to discuss them.

PICNIC is a European Union project. I attended the September 2002 meeting in Paris. Interesting to see NHS organisations involved in this and benefiting from it.

The EU-backed SPIRIT project is a good place to start looking for relevant projects, components and collaborators in serious Open Source work backed by the EU establishment.

UCLA is a long way north of Peru, but the news from Peru is interesting. Synopsis and links

UKMedW3 is expected to move to one of the GP-UK domains in 2003.  UKMedW3 summary of Links 

OSHCA Meeting 2001 Proceedingsz
HSJ report from OSHCA 2001


Enforcing the GPL. The GNU General Public Licence has not been tested in court not (as some spreaders of FUD may say) because there is any doubt about its enforceability, but because there is no doubt.email reports of GPL violations here A case still in litigation might have provided a test, but is being conducted on more restricted arguments, at the judge's direction. News of it is therefore limited at present.

The Free Software Foundation in Europe (FSF-Europe)has various activities.  Among them is making accurate translation of the GNU Licences ( GPL and LGPL) to Europe.  There are both linguistic and legal differences to take into account.

Open Source and the NHS

See Colin Smith's NHSIA paper for a review and a suggested strategy.

This was on the NHSIA website for several years after the NHSIA sponsored the public international OSHCA meeting in London in 2001, and the NHSIA Board were briefed on FLOSS.
It has been copied to various places over the Web including of course the Internet Archive version.
To read it look here: Colin Smith's NHSIA paper on Open Source software (FLOSS) . At that time it was very clearly nothing other than NHSIA thinking on the subject.

If any of this puzzles you, call the NHSIA and ask for Mr Winston Smith in the Department of Truth.

SQL Clinics an Open Source (GPL) administration system developed by and used in a group of medical centres (or centers, even) in New York. Some elements of its orginal and continuing development arose from discussions on the Open Health list, and I am pleased to be on the advisory board for this.

on another matter - here is the Open-Cola recipe

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