Defoaming the 'Net

The idea arises partly from work with PVS, a company aiming to improve the usability of the Web for doctors and their staff, and people who want to deal with them. The idea was good, execution can no doubt be improved upon.

The medical web is a loose concept, but consider it as the set of web pages that are intended for registered medical and other healthcare practitioners. Specifically, the set within that set that have regulations governing their visibility to the general public.

For various reasons the medical web is split up into a myriad of bubbles, and one fights one's way through them, entering passwords, having to go to front pages. This is a huge nuisance.

I call that a foam, and I started looking at defoaming agents for it.

The term 'noosphere' is an obscure term of art in philosophy derived from the Greek 'nous' meaning 'mind', 'spirit', or 'breath'. It is pronounced KNOW-uh-sfeer.
Roughly, it means "the universe of knowledge."

How to do unfrothy web pages: Simply 1 2 3 and standard: Valid HTML 4.01!

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